City of Windsor


In 2021, the City of Windsor organized a public tender call to develop three options for the future of the Peace Fountain. PARTISANS won the bid, and has been working closely with the City over the past few months to develop a design process driven by extensive public engagement.



PARTISANS is an award-winning architecture studio that specializes in the integration of design and technology, invention and programming, culture and creative services. We aspire to realise better cities by innovating on the frontlines of ideas, culture, forms, materials, and typologies. With every project, we design to optimize performance and experience with an eye toward subverting expectations and creating meaningful built experiences.

PARTISANS is also working with the City of Windsor on the design of Festival Plaza.

Moment Factory


At Moment Factory, we bring people together. Our showsand destinations pioneer forms of entertainment that offer the world new experiences. Whether at a concert, a flagship store or across an urban square, we aim to inspire a sense of collective wonder and connection.



Transsolar fosters innovation in the built environment. Our world deserves better than building-as-usual–over-engineered systems supporting static, placeless, unhealthy and uninspiring environments. Design and engineering must work together to reimagine the spaces that shape our lives

Pond Pro


Pond Pro Canada Ltd. is a family-owned and operated company. Our customer base extends across Canada, with customers in every province. Our team offers custom design and engineering services while building off the reputation and network that Pond Pro Canada has developed over twenty years of being a Canadian industry leader. Pond Pro Canada's team includes several in-house biologists, water engineers, and qualified design representatives.



For over 75 years, Arup has been recognized for its vision, talent, and tenacity. Dedicated to sustainable development, the firm is a collective of 16,000 designers, advisor sand experts working across 140 countries. Founded to be both humane and excellent, we collaborate with our clients and partners using imagination, technology and rigor to shape the better world. Arup’s primary goal is to develop a truly sustainable built environment.



ORPC improves people’s lives, and their environment through sustainable energy solutions. Constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation, ORPC brings marine renewable energy technology and project development solutions to its community and industrial partners, specializing in microgrid to utility-scale river and tidal energy applications, and underwater mobile power supplies for offshore energy applications.

Axle Films


Axle Films is a Windsor-based film studio dedicated to challenging themselves and their clients to break boundaries. Axle explores new methods of storytelling to elevate brands and inspire action.

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