Sitting right in the middle of the bay, the fountain is a metaphor for a traditional campfire around which people gather to hear stories and share their precious moments. ‘Memories’ retains the original spirit of the Peace Fountain, while bringing it into the present. It proposes a complete rebuild of the fountain to a similar physical appearance yet featuring the latest in fountain technology, lighting, and multimedia. 
The Floating Fountain features one 24’ diameter central raft, and two 12’ side rafts.
For the central raft to remain in the water in winter, de-icing equipment would be attached to the underside of the fountain. The equipment produces bubbles to prevent ice formation when the water temperature drops below 0 Celsius. The fountain would move closer into the bay during winter, and a series of ice clusters at the edges of the bay prevent large chunks of ice from entering the bay.
To extend the life cycle of the fountain, all pumps are located on land, away from the water. The new service building would be built next to the existing building to house the pumps. New underground pipes and electrical runs would be laid to service the fountain.
Designed and Built in Ontario
Outdoor Comfort
The site receives plenty of direct sunlight during sunny winter and midseason days which increases outdoor comfort. In the summer, spray from the fountain in show-mode will provide some thermal comfort. Wind will also contribute to outdoor comfort in the summer.
The belvedere would be ringed with 12 augmented reality ‘viewers’ which visitors can look through to see the fountain effects augmented with additional narrative visuals. These overlays could be commissioned from local artists, and multiple ‘shows’ could be curated with each viewer showing a different content, or having the overlays change seasonally or per a curated scheduled.  ​
During the winter when the fountain would not be operating, a spherical inflatable cover used to protect the fountain equipment would serve as a canvas for a multimedia projection show. It could showcase work done by local artists, and/or programmed with lighting effects in response to seasonal holidays and civic events.